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>> i'm praying that he did. if he did, you should see some changes in his actions. >> you are paced in baltimore. you touched on medication earlier. as you know the health outcome of patients on medicaid are a poorer than they are for patients with private insurance. but this is a big debate in countries around the country, whether they should expand their medicaid programs at obamacare requires them to do. if you were advising the governor of maryland what would you tell them to do with the medicaid expansion some. >> i would say we need to start talking about something that makes sense. it doesn't make a lot of sense to invest a lot of our eggs in something that doesn't work. >> real quick. >> i'm a former teacher and dean and i just want to know how do we get young people to care about the debt and deficit? >> i think we have to give them examples like the one i gave, 507,000 years so they begin to understand what we are faying.
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>> go ahead, quick. >> i was going say it's easier to be ignorant and reliant than it is to be responsible and informed. how do you change that? >> well, one of the things we are going to have to do, and i don't have a lot of time to get into it, but we have to use technology. there's some wonderful ways we can use that. virtual classrooms, it can help us enormously. i'm working on that project with something in baltimore right now. >> of your scholarship fund. >> carson's everyone get involved. [applause] >> thank you very much. >> that is all the time we have left. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. with will see you back monday night. >> tonight an eye olympic here reis now an accused killer. world famous athlete known as the blade runner breaking down in tears in court as he is charged with muring his fashion model girlfriend. now you are going to hear from people who knew or know them
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both. that and hutch more straight ahead. on the record starts right now. >> new images of oscar in court. >> oscar sobbing as he stood with his head down in front of the judge after he was formally charged with the shooting death of his girlfriend inside his mansion. that charge of premedicated murder means prosecutors will argue that he planned to kill his model girlfriend. >> most people are a little sad with their vacations are over. >> have to get back to work, back into the swing of things. >> not these folks. >> it was pitch-dark in the hallways. >> the sewage was really bad. >> anybody that tells you that everything was okay, i don't know what ship they were on but i was on that ship. >> there is breaking news on your worst nightmare. a massive meteor slamming into the earth's atmosphere and fragments of a 10-ton rock
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exploding, filling the skies with smoke and flames, and it is caught on tape. this happened 900 miles east of moscow in russia. it happened in broad day light, too. the russian scientists now say it entered the earth's atmosphere at, get this, 33,000 miles an hour. at least 20 feet wide, this meteor. it released 10 tons in weight. >> all that coming up but first olympian oscar making his first court appearance in south africa. he's accused of shooting his girlfriend to work. adam wakefield was in the courtroom today. he joins us from johannesburg. tell me, adam, how far away were you from him in court? what did you see? >> i was approximately about five, ten meters. what i could see was a very somber and upset human being, perhaps realizing the real
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gravity of the situation before him. >> about how long was the court proceeding? what did it cover? >> the court proceeding was approximately 45 minutes. it covered two aspects. the first was the media application for the trial and the legal proceedings to be broadcast. and then the second aspect was the defense team asking for a postponement to tuesday so we could consult with their client. he hasn't technically been charged as of yet. in africa you need a plea to be charged and he has not been charged yet. >> adam, reports said he got very emotional the some point. was that just during one point of the 45 minute proceeding or was it throughout the 45 minutes? >> a couple of points where emotions seemed to overtake him. at the beginning of the proceedings he appeared to be
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quite collect and the calm, but somber, as i mentioned. but as it proceeded. i believely when mentioned murder, he broke down in tears. he was quite emotional in court today. >> he's a worldwide celebrity. everybody knows his story. but i'm curious, is he as -- i acknowledge he is in south after, is he a hero in south africa. >> yes, he was. a flagbearer at the 2012 olympic games. he has overcome a lot of obstacles. it is a matter of shock. he's a celebrity as in all the sports and the wide media world. >> how long was he dating or was he seeing his girlfriend? >> he was report he had hi dating her since november but they have known each other for some time and appeared in a couple parties before this. but officially dating in
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november. >> is any information seeking out to with a the police believe happened inside that home? >> there been media speculation and reports. the police were called to deal with a knows complaint. after that they returned at 3:00 a.m. when the neighbors heard gunshots and then they arrested him. this. >> was she shot lou a door? i heard one report suggest she might have been talked but the door and then i heard that was bogus. do you know whether he was set through a door. that is correct, that's the state's report that she was not sure times. the police haven't released that mean details. they want to keep that with the investigation. >> thank you. >> your pleasure. >> prosecutors say it was a premeditated murder and that's
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what they are charging him. but what does it take to present that evidence in africa? it's different than here. william, nice to see you, can you give me an idea, anover view of what the court system is going to be like for this man? >> hi. great to see you. premedicated murder is really when it says and that is it is being planned. the prosecution in has indicated, it is based primarily on fact they are saying it has been planned. the distinction in south africa with regard to bail is that if it's premedicated or rather if the allegation is that he is premedicated then the accused person just accomplish that he
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sure released on bail. in other words, it is different when you are dealing with a are the trial. at the trial stage the prosecution muffed prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. at the stage of this proceeding the accused must in fact establish that he should be released on bail >> it sounds to me just from the very, very taking situation that's seeking out that the neighbors heard fighting and a little bit later there was gunshots not not that we are premedicated. premeditation takes some level of thinking about it, planning: it is different than a fight. does your law track that or is it different? >> absolutely. in fact it's quite difficult for
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the produce courttors to prove premeditation or planning. i think the normal ten theirio is where you might have a people would have gotten together before hand and gift a situation where they have planned to attack and kill a fellow game again. just to give you an example, in this case one wonders what type of evidence will be produce today in fact try and convince the courts that he actually planned the whole thing. your normal situation would be, as you correctly point out, two people are together, they might have been in an argument and somebody picks up the weapon, the firearm, as in this situation and shoots the other person. again, as far as bail is concerned, it makes a big
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difference. and as far as a trial is concerned, it also makes a major difference. eventually if someone is convicted of premeditated murder the sentence could be life imprisonment. we don't have the death penalty anymore in south africa. and if he is in fact murder -- one doesn't want to call it murder in the normal, but where it isn't planned, it can be less. >> do you have cameras in the courtroom for trials? >> not usually. in a normal situation a case is not televised. however, the press have the opportunity to approach the presiding judge and request that a case be televised. a judge can in fact turn that down. in this instance, although the matter is not being heard by a
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judge but by i think you call it a lower court judge or a magistrate, in south africa there was an application yesterday for the proceedings to be televised. the magistrate turned that down and said that only at the stage of the handing down of the ruling on bail can the judgment be televised. >> william, thank you very much. i assume we will be calling on you throughout this because this will take some time. thank you, william. >> thank you. bye. >> and he's seizing the world attention during the london olympic games. he competed in 11 races, setting records and winning medals. american olympian blake reaper came in second to him in one race. he considers him a competitor and also a friend. he joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening.
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thank you for having me. >> before we get to the more serious matter, i do want to congratulate you because you will be the first american to compete in the olympics disabled and now being 2016. i tip my hat to you, congratulations. >> thank you so much. it will be a long journey but it started when i saw oscar run on tv for the first time. >> let me talk to you about him. oscar is a huge hero to disabled athletes, is he not? >> yes. he's a huge hero to disabled athletes, not only disabled athletes but anybody in general. anybody and everybody who faces challenges in life can look up to oscar and relate to challenges of his. >> i think you are right. it includes everybody because he captivated everybody's attention and everybody admired him and add meyers him so immensely for all he has achieved. this is very perplexing. we have a dead woman in his home, he's charged with murder d
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you ever see any indication -- with all the accolades he was receiving, any sign that he is prone to violence. >> never. he actually win out of his way to help me out and mentor me on certain things. we both were born with a congenital birth defects so it's something we can relate to. i've seen him at his high he have points and lowest points and still yet he stayed mumble. he was a little frustrated but nothing to that caliber. >> how many times have you ever spoken to him, sat down and talk to him? >> plenty of times. whether it's on the track, offer the track, in the lunchtime or the hotel. hanging out and talking about all kinds of things. life, and things off the track too. >> have you had a chance to talk to him since he started dating the woman? >> he mentioned her briefly when we were in london in september but we didn't go into much detail about the relationship or anything he was going through.
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>> how did you hear about the shooting? >> actually i heard it on the news. a friend actually sent me a text message and notified me. when i heard about it i was sick to my stomach because with that being said, i mean, he's done so many great things in this world. i'm afraid people are going to notify on all the bad things, which we do as a society, but it's life. i just hope we won't forget the legacy he started and showing the world that having a disability, that you can accomplish anything. you can accomplish anything in life. with that being said, when he started my goal is to finish his legacy and competing in rio in 2016. >> we look forward to watching you in 2016. i hope you come back and talk to us after you compete in 2016. >> yes. thank you so much. thanks for having me. >> thank you, sir. now the murdered girl fend was a 30-year-old fashion model. a celebrity that airs tomorrow
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beginning tomorrow in south africa. she was featured in a magazine. editor was a long time friend. he joins us. hagen, i can only iiagine how difficult this is for you. this was a friend of yours who was murdered. >> absolutely. it's a great shock. you know, i -- you know, one has to consider the oscar angle is overshadowed by the lead who lost her live. >> she's a gorgeous woman, a law graduate. she has been a model. she's in a television reality season. even at her age 306 she's accomplished an awful lot -- of 30, she's accomplished an awful lot, as she not? >> absolutely. and you got the impression she was ready to take her career to
10:16 pm
the next stage. and she worked with, as you said, on magazines. she did some fashion shoots, some bikini modeling and on the cover of a magazine. even shot some calendars. she got a lot of exposure from that. but she wasn't just going to settle for that. she wanted to translate that exposure into more opportunity and move into television and you got the sense she was going to take it to a greater level. unfortunately that's not going to happen now. >> did you speak to her after she started dating oscar or did you know? i suppose it was common knowledge throughout south africa. but did you have any conversation with her about him? >> i did not. it was relatively recent. in fact, the initial press reports again were, you know,
10:17 pm
questioning whether they were actually going out or dating. these kinds of things. the people started saying, no, we're just friends, we aren't really dating so that's how i first heard about it. and the shooting, in my mind i hadn't quite, you know, made sure oscar and her were a couple. when they said she was his girlfriend i didn't put two and two together. but then i thought that's someone i know. >> well, it's a terrible loss when anyone is -- ever dice early or is murdered. i am curious, though, in south africa this tv show that is supposed to start tomorrow in which she appears, is there much discussion about -- i read the tv network wasn't going to pull the series but was your thought
10:18 pm
about this? >> you can understand the emotional. she's in the news and we have a lot of interests. i've always had good memories of her. that's fine for me. people that don't know her perhaps it will be kind of a tribute, particularly if she gave a good count of it. it might be a way of helping people know her because let's see -- she was great at what she did but she hadn't crossed over or dragged the energy by perhaps she deserved. >> thank you for joining us and i'm sorry about the death of your friend. >> thank you very much. >> we will continue to track the murder investigation, bring you knew information as we get it.
10:19 pm
and now to another very disturbing matter, this one here at home. a breach of the public trust by a member of congress. former congressman jesse jackson jr. and his wife sandra have been charged in federal court with several felonies. prosecutors say the ones prominent political couple used campaign funds tore lavish, personal expenses. another way to say it, they were cheating and stealing. and both congressman jackson and his wife have agreed to plead guilty to the federal charges. john mccormick joins us. nice to see you. and they were stealing, cheating. and i'm curious, what are they charged with doing specifically? >> they are charged with taking nearly $1 million out of campaign funds and spending spet on personal expenses. very bizarre things, $40,000 on a gold rolex chart, $5,000 in parkas and capes. and he spent money on bruce lee and michael jacksonparaphernali. $5,000 on a michael jackson
10:20 pm
thing so it's bizarre expenditures on part of a former congressman. >> and there is jackson, how is she brought into this some. >> she is brought in because she misstated how much income they have had. >> called cheating. >> and this whole investigation was started off because of the 2008 case in which the governor of illinois, then governor rob blagojevich was charged with trying to sell away barack obama's cincinnati seat. jesse jackson jr.'s people had made an offer and it started the investigation. >> this is extremely disappointing. always is when a member of congress does this. here is a young man a lot of us hoped would be a very good example to other americans and now he has squandered and committed a serious offense. we understand he's going to plead guilty. i'm curious in terms of whether he's been hospitalized in the last year. is there any way to know if that's a legitimate hospitalization or was this cover in anticipation of an investigation bearing down on him and this was sort of an
10:21 pm
excuse? or a panic way out? >> the mayo clinic did report that he was being treated for a form of bipolar depression last summer. whether that's true or not i don't think there's any way to verify it. but he's clearly been disturbed and having some erratic behavior. >> he ran for re-election. he could have pulled out a year ago and saved the voters in his district. does he indicate any reason why he did that? because he knew the investigation was going on. >> not yet. he released a brief statement tonight saying he was sorry for his airers and miss judgments and he didn't go into detail at all. a written statement. >> he's facing jail and so is his wife. any idea hutch time? >> reports in the chicago paper are that it could be significant. he could face up to five years and she could face up to three. what is significant, we don't know. >> that seat he replaced, that was reynolds seat and he went to jail for pornography or some
10:22 pm
sex-related offense. >> and governor blagojevich is serving ten years, previous governor ryan served six years. who know what jesse jackson jr. has in store. >> thank you. always good to see you. >> thank you. >> get out your wallet, you are about to pay for a fancy golf trip and a fancy ski trip this week, but you won't be able to participate. also panic a powerful meteor exploding in the sky causing hundreds of injuries on the ground. and plus donald trump smack in the middle of a family feud. what has him so fired up? what has him so fired up? you will see so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? accuracy is much more important than distance. watch.
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>> president obama and the first lady are headed out of town for president's day weekend but they are on separate vacations going separate places and traveling separately. president obama heading to an exclusive florida golf course to take lessons from tiger woods' former coach and the first lady and first daughter is going skiing in aspen, colorado. separate trips means separate plains and extra expenses. so much are the obama's weekend trips going to cost you, the taxpayers? we are joined by the chief correspondent. i know you don't have the exact
10:27 pm
numbers but can you give me an overview? are we paying for these things twice? >> yeah, it cost a lot. air force one costs about $180,000 an hour to separate. president obama took the big plane, the 747, to palm beach and land and went straight from chicago. he had given a speech on violence and youth violence and all that stuff in chicago. went there to womb beach and cook a motorcade to a ritzy golf resort where he will be taking lessons. when the president flies a lot of people have to go. he took his deputy and staff security advisor to brief him on national security issues. there is other white house staff. there's obviously secret service. when the president landed at the palm beach airport and went to the floridian, he had to do that in a motorcade. he went in his limousine because he can't take a cab or ordinary car so they fly that car down to florida with a backup car as
10:28 pm
well. it's a very, very expensive process. >> and the first lady, i guess the thing that caught my attention, you know, we want our presidents to be safe, but the idea that they can't go on a vacation together so the taxpayers pay not so much for the cost. we pay for the cost of the trip to california or a good bit of it. she doesn't have the limousine, i asoup, but she has expensive travel because she is the first lady. and the message as we approach sequestration, as so many americans are having suth a d time, the idea they are on two different vacations and we have members of the senate and house on vacations and sequestration, it's just really nuts. >> she flew to aspen. in the past she has normally flown on an air force version of a 737. it's a pretty big plane but not like the president's 747. she did this actually on the president's day weekend last year. this is something she's done for a while, going by herself or with her children to aspen to
10:29 pm
ski. she's staying at the home of a friend there. but also taking staff, also has secret service protection and also has a motorcade. >> i don't think most americans -- some americans may not like the idea they have a vacation so soon again but all presidents take vacations. >> they were in hawaii january 6th and it's february now. >> in my wildest dreams it's not the message if i were president i would send the american people in these tough times when i'm talk about how sequestrations means cuts of lots of jobs. but if i was in the senate and house i wouldn't be taking a vacation and telling everybody we are about to go off some cliff. >> the two most enthusiastic golfers of the past several years have been bill clinton and now barack obama. i think a republican president might be afraid to do something quite so prominent as go down, fly down to florida for the
10:30 pm
express purpose of having a lesson with tiger woods former teacher. his name is butch harm and he's the most famous instructor in golf so this is a pretty big deal >> i think he could do it anytime. i bet he would probably come teach the president anytime. >> of course. he lives somewhere else. he's coming to the floridian, where he has a facility there to give him a president. he certainly taught tiger woods but the president of the united states is a big deal. >> byron, thank you. >> thank you. >> lucky american people. american people what do you think about the obamas taking separate vacations to the extent the taxpayers pay for the two vacations? go to and tell us what you think about it. coming up, allies or enemies? the u.s. considers pakistan a friend but has our government heard this one? 92% of pakistani disprove of u.s. leadership. by the way, who are the other 8%? also donald trump in the middle
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>> it is incredible. some thought it was the end of the world. a giant media exploding over russia with the power of an atomic bomb. shattered windows, injured about is 11,000 people. reporter dan joins us with the latest from moscow. dan, it's terrifying when i watch it in the video. is that -- is that what you are hearing in moscow, that people were just terrified? >> i think people are less terrified at this point than genuinely astonished. this is an incredibly rarity to happen anywhere in the world, but especially in a place like this region which it happened. there is very little going on there. it's far out there in the russia hinter land, about 950 miles east of moscow. it's not something you see anywhere in the world, but especially in far-flung russia. i think people were more astonished to have this kind of sight pop up on their morning
10:36 pm
commute as they were making their way to clerk. as first they were but once they realized what happened, once they realized that -- i think that all was, for the most part, okay. i think it was -- it was more kind of astonishment. >> what is so interesting is we have so many videos available to us so everybody had a video camera taking care of it. why all the individual row and dash camps? i hear all sorts of stories why that may be. >> this is kind of an interesting somewhat nonconnected trends. the reason russians have so many dashboard camps in their cars is expected to a high degree of police corruption in russia, particularly among the traffic police who patrol the roads. they are very often in a place there and the dash camps are placed on dash boards, on drivers' dash boards in an effort to discourage cops from
10:37 pm
soliciting bribes, from using any sort of intimidation. this is very much kind of a grass roots effort thing. >> it's used as a method to kind of get their own hold on police corruption or rather control it a little bit more. so what you have is an inadvertent effect, it captured this remarkable phenomena. it's a very fascinating kind of view of this event. >> well, the good news is that no one was killed. a lot of people were hurt but good news no one was hurt. dan, thank you. >> thank you. >> now to shocking news about pakistan. a country armed with nuclear weapons. are they our friends? we sure send them a lot of money. but here's what army general nominated to lead u.s. command told the armed services committee about the u.s. relationship with pakistan. >> the relationship with
10:38 pm
pakistan is critical. it is a key country in the region. my goal would immediately work to continue to build upon the existing relationship, which is on somewhat of a positive slope right now, positive path. >> really? as a general maybe he hasn't seen the just released gallop poll. it shows 92% of pakistanis disapprove of u.s. leadership. it sounds almost to the point of hate. former u.s. ambassador john bolt enjoins us. i'm curious who that 8% is who might like us. but what is that general thinking? >> maybe it was three% favored our leadership last week. but this is undoubtedly an extraordinary difficult relationship. and i understand why people looking at this kind of polling
10:39 pm
number would say, would ask why we are giving them so much money. but i would say number one, who believes policy in pakistan anyway? >> okay, so it's only 80% who hate us. >> because it doesn't matter what the top leadership is going to do based on the public opinion. they will do it based on what they think our interests are and honestly that's what we have to do too. leave pakistan out of the equation. let's assume we had a country that despised us and we despised them but we thought it was in our interest to get them to do something. would we use foreign assistance to get them to do it? absolutely. >> i don't have a problem trying to buy friends. we provided millions to them client for an effort for humanitarian they got upset because we wanted to know how they were spending it because we didn't want them spending it on terrorist camps. but then we sneak in and get osama bin laden and they were
10:40 pm
angry about that. he arrest the doctor that helped us, and we haven't helped that guy out. their government is teetering on the boarder of falling over and they got nuclear weapons. >> look, civilian government in pakistan since independence from great britain, partition from india in the late 40s, unreached. the military is sometimes called the steal skeleton in pakistan because it is what holds the country together. you could go on and on with corruption, with misuse of funds, not paying income tax because we are subsidizing their budget and there are lots of things we should do differently. but let's be clear, there's one key element here and that is their nuclear weapons. the weapons are in weak hands now. there's no doubt about it. if there were a pair of safe hands to put them in, i would be happy to do it. but the choice is the weak hands we have or international terrorists who want to kill us. >> that's fine. i understand we need them secure
10:41 pm
and how terrifying it is. but if 92% hate us and they are having an election soon but they are teetering and the military is mad because we sneaked in and got bin laden, i don't know what he's -- >> he's trying to get confirmed. that's what it is about. you have to look at it cold bloodedly through the prism of what is in america's best interest. what is in our best interest? fighting day-by-day to make sure the nuclear weapons don't get into the hands of religious finish nationallics. >> that is a improved since the president has been there and his strategy? >> we can see to gallop's own polling that it's gone down substantially. >> what about that doctor that's in custody? >> it's outrageous what they are doing to it. >> and we are doing nothing? >> it's outrageous. >> we have no muscle we cannot get him. >> it's outrageous with a we are not doing.
10:42 pm
that should be a test for secretary kerry now that he's at the state department. >> and it doesn't show a positive slope. >> to say the least. >> always nice talking to. >> that of. >> thank you. >> coming up, new clues of the fashion mogul's plane. what just washed ashore. will it lead to answers in that's next. and dr. ben carson taking heat of criticizing obamacare in front of president obama. tonight he takes on his own critics. you will hear what dr. carson [ male announcer ] why is kellogg's crunchy nut so delicious? because every flake is double-toasted... splashed with sweet honey... and covered in rich double-roasted peanuts. mmm. [ hero ] yummy. [ male announcer ] kellogg's crunchy nut.
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>> doctor ben carson causing a big buzz after the national prayer breakfast. in fact he got more media attention than president obama. as we showed you the john hopkins neurosurgeon blasted obamacare right in front of president obama. some call it inappropriate. here is how he responded on "hannity" tonight. >> some people say you can't say something like that in front of
10:45 pm
the president. when did this become a monarchy? we are the people. the president works for us. we need to remember that. this is a country that is for, of and by the people. not for, of and by the government. that is the big battle that we are in right now. >> dr. carson stick by his right to express his political opinion at a prayer breakfast even though he's gained lots of pete from critics. what do you say to his critics? right on or ride off? we are back in two.o.o.o.o.'d it go? well, dad, i spent my childhood living with monks learning the art of dealmaking. you've mastered monkey-style kung fu? no. priceline is different now. you don't even have to bid. master hahn taught you all that? oh, and he says to say (translated from cantonese) "you still owe him five bucks."
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10:48 pm
police have not releaguesed the names on the tags of the battered luggage but a friend claims the bags do belong to vittorio missoni. and tonight imagine five days at sea on a crippled cruise ship. no showers, no toilets and no food. how bad was it? i note you join us from phoenix so you must be home and happy to be there, is that right? >> i am. i am definitely happy to be home. just pretty exhausted. >> how bad was it on that ship during those five days? it's been described as a lot are toilet and other terrible descriptions. >> unnationally the sanitation was pretty bad. when they lost power they also realized they wouldn't be able to have toilets. they announced to everybody that you need to go to the bathroom in either the shower or the sink or red bags that they would hand out. and once your red bags were in the bargaining can and the
10:49 pm
garbage can was full you could put them out in the hall for the crewmembers to take. unfortunately during the week the drains started overflowing and the carpets got soggy and the smell was so bad you couldn't be in your stateroom simply because of the smell really. >> what did you think when you heard them say you could use the sink, shower or plastic bag? what was your first thought? >> my first thought was that all my dignity had just gone out the window. >> i mean, because it's unbelievable. the good news is everyone seems to have -- i suppose there were some injuries and it's been very unpleasant for people but people survived. five days is an awful long time to be floating around. i understand there were food lines? >> yes. the food lines were long. there was a couple days that we had hot dogs and hamburgers delivered from another cruise ship and that line was about three or four hours long for one of those and for the regular buffet you never really knew what you were going to get. it wasn't terrible food it just
10:50 pm
wasn't the regular food we were used to. but those were about an hour and a half to two hours long. and there was a lot of ordering at first. they had to come on the p. a. system and tell people we didn't need to hoard food or stuff it in your purse and grab it with your bare hands and things like that. >> that's rough. welcome home. thank you for joining us and call us after your next cruise, okay? >> okay. we'll see. thank you. >> straight ahead, a trump family feud. what is the disagreement and how pad is the disagreement? donald trump tells you himself. donald trump tells you himself. that's next. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart.
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>> donald trump and jose hash it out. get ready to hash it out. it's a new feature. your favorite tweets, posts and pics from around the world. and talk of the next president race is already heating up. lou dobbs tweeting, recall emmanual considering a white house run in 2016? that is if former secretary of state hillary clinton doesn't
10:55 pm
run. but today he ace he's not running. and move over celebrity apprentice. donald trump tweeting about another family feud. >> and congressman charlie rangel is trying to reinstate the draft. but this time there's one big difference. abc news tweeting. bring back the draft and open it up to women. that's right. he wants to require women to register for the service. his idea getting miked reaction from the viewers. tommy moore reporting, i agree, everyone should have two years mandatory service. they are the me generation and need discipline and structure. and the tweet are from kathy.
10:56 pm
and a treat from trudell. yahoo is tweeting laugh it up, fuzz balls. harrison ford reportedly returning as han solo in "star wars episode iii" vii. >> and others don't buy it about the meteor. north korea, do the math. >> and all your tweets and posts and don't forget to follow me on twitter at greta wire. coming up, your last call. be very afraid. are the u.s. is canada teaming up to prevent a zombie [ male announcer ] marie callender's puts all the things we love about sunday meals into each of her pot pies. like tender white meat chicken and vegetables in a golden flaky crust that's made from scratch. marie callender's pot pies. it's time to savor.
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